6 Benefits Of Window Shutters Beyond Aesthetics

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Window shutters can truly bring your house together in a way that is coherent, pleasant and gives it a cozy, sometimes even rural, aesthetic. Nothing quite says “Little House On The Prairie” like a quaint home with shutters. Having said that, did you know that there are benefits of window shutters that go beyond the aesthetic? It’s true. Window shutters can provide you with a litany of benefits that go beyond looking nice and into the realm of the practical. This brief article will touch on 6 practical benefits of window...

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Tips To Help You Vote Politician Bugs Out Of Your Home, Your Yard, And Your Life

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Boxelder bugs, can be quite a nuisance. Although they are not quite as damaging or even dangerous as other bugs, such as spider, bedbugs, bees, cockroaches, and termites, they can create problems within your home. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to help rid these bugs from your life. Plan a Solid Campaign: Know Your Enemy The first step to voting boxelder bugs out of your home starts with knowing your enemy. The boxelder elder bug has many nicknames, including the politician bug. Depending on the area in which you live, they...

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Do It Yourself! How To Remove And Replace Broken Window Blind Slats

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A broken window blind slat, often caused by a curious pet or child, is unsightly and can lead you to think about replacing the entire set. However, broken slats aren’t difficult to remove and replace; in fact, it is something you can do yourself with only a bare minimum of household tools and at zero cost. Below is what you need to know about fixing broken slats: Tools and materials you will need Needle nose pliers Screwdriver Scissors What you need to do 1. Understand how blinds are assembled – all kinds of blinds, whether...

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What Are Your Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control Options?

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The pursuit of a lush, green, weed-free lawn is one shared by many homeowners — some of whom will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve the lawn of their dreams. However, toxic runoff from certain common pesticides can cause problems for your soil and nearby waterways, while certain types of weed control sprays can require you to keep your children and furry family members inside for hours as these sprays dry. Are there any gentle and environmentally-friendly ways to keep weeds at bay? Read on to learn more about your “green”...

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Furnishing Your Toddler’s Bedroom? Here’s How To Make Sure It’s Perfect

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Shopping for a toddler’s bedroom tends to be a lot of fun, because there are so many quirky and unique options to choose from that bring out the kid in people of all ages. From colorful art tables to indoor slides, there is something out there for imaginations of all types. But all of those choices can be pretty overwhelming if you aren’t armed with a design plan. Here’s how to prep before your shopping trip to ensure that your toddler’s bedroom is perfect for their needs and wants: Separate The Room Into Sections It...

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How To Make Live Mouse Trap With A Two-Liter Bottle

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Mice enter the home in the fall and winter to seek shelter from the cold and to avoid natural predators like owls, hawks and foxes. They don’t mean any harm, of course, but sharing your home with rodents puts your family at risk of a host of diseases, like salmonella and Leptospirosii. Getting rid of mice as soon as they are discovered—and before they have time to breed—is important. You can accomplish this quickly and easily with a homemade live trap made from a recycled two-liter soda bottle. Making The Trap Wash and dry a...

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Five Moving Tips For Cat Owners

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Moving to a new place is a big change for you, and you understand exactly what is going on! Imagine how hard moving must be for your cat, who has no idea why he or she is being relocated. Moving with a cat also presents some logistical challenges. For instance, you can’t just prop the back door open as the movers carry your boxes out to the truck — the cat might get outside. Here are a few tips to make moving easier on your cat, yourself, and the movers. Tip #1: Keep your cat in one room as you pack up the contents of other rooms....

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Want To Know What Your Hearing Aid Would Say If It Could Talk?

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In the United States, 25% of people between the ages of 65 and 74 have disabling hearing loss, and the number increases with age. Half of people aged 75 and older have hearing loss that is disabling, but only 1 in 3 people with hearing loss who are at least 70 years old use hearing aids. If you have a hearing aid or are considering getting one, you’ll need to take proper care of the device so it will last. As with nearly everything, improper care can make the hearing aid break down or wear out faster, especially since you’ll...

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How Foundation Cracks Can Hurt Your Wallet & Your Health

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Everyone knows that foundation cracks can cause dampness or flooding in basements, but those aren’t the only problems foundation cracks can cause. Cracks in foundations can cause your heating bill to be higher than it should, and they can also cause dangerous radon gas to permeate into your home. Here’s what every homeowner needs to understand about how foundation cracks can impact their wallets and their health. How your home’s stack effect and negative air pressure causes problems Every home and building has a stack...

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