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Furnishing Your Toddler's Bedroom? Here's How To Make Sure It's Perfect

Shopping for a toddler's bedroom tends to be a lot of fun, because there are so many quirky and unique options to choose from that bring out the kid in people of all ages. From colorful art tables to indoor slides, there is something out there for imaginations of all types. But all of those choices can be pretty overwhelming if you aren't armed with a design plan. Here's how to prep before your shopping trip to ensure that your toddler's bedroom is perfect for their needs and wants:

Separate The Room Into Sections

It can be tempting to make purchases by imagining how the room will look with the furnishings that interest you, but assuming that a table will fit in the middle of the room or that an art desk can squeeze into the corner somewhere may very well result in a disorganized and cluttered space. The best way to avoid this problem is to separate the room into sections, so that each section can be designed with organization in mind.

Consider designating a separate space for sleeping, playing, and learning, and decorate them accordingly. Measure each area so you know exactly how much space you're working with so it's easy to determine what will and won't fit in said space while you shop. You may even want to visit the furniture store after you've measured the room so you can measure several options you're interested in and head back home to see which will fit the best before making a final purchase.

Put Some Focus On Color

Color is what brings a toddler's room to life, and depending on which colors you choose, you can inspire their creativity and encourage calmness, or create lots of excitement and maybe even a little aggression.

For example, a room full of red hues tends to evoke powerful emotions such as passion and anger. That's not to say you cannot use a little in the space, but you'll probably want to balance things out with a few of these other color options:

  • Blue brings on a sense of tranquility and can even lower blood pressure rates.
  • Green highlights the adventures of nature and brings out the playful side in people.
  • Yellow offers an open and inviting atmosphere and encourages joyous energy.

These considerations will help you build a solid color base for your room through the pieces of furniture you choose. Add accents of color with throw pillows, area rugs, and vibrant trim.

Artwork and posters are also an effective source of color accents that are subtle enough that they won't take the spotlight, yet vibrant enough to catch your eye as you enter the room. Colorful frames around photos, watercolors, and cartoon characters all make great choices.

Don't Forget About The Walls

The walls provide an awesome tool for incorporating furniture and features into your toddler's bedroom. Instead of implementing an art easel that takes up precious floor space in the room, you can paint a chalkboard on the wall. It's also possible to save space by attaching a hinged table against the wall that can be folded down for use.

Installing floating shelves in the room will allow you to forgo bulky bookshelves and entertainment stations as well. To round out your toddler's bedroom theme, consider painting murals on the walls that tie into the furnishings and décor of the overall room. Trees, ocean backdrops, park settings, and zoo animals may work well for your little one's imagination – and it will make the room look bigger too.

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to put together a furnishing and décor plan that makes it possible to quickly rule out pieces that won't work, so you can focus on the things that meet the size, color, and design of the room's demands.

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