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6 Benefits Of Window Shutters Beyond Aesthetics

Window shutters can truly bring your house together in a way that is coherent, pleasant and gives it a cozy, sometimes even rural, aesthetic. Nothing quite says "Little House On The Prairie" like a quaint home with shutters. Having said that, did you know that there are benefits of window shutters that go beyond the aesthetic? It's true. Window shutters can provide you with a litany of benefits that go beyond looking nice and into the realm of the practical. This brief article will touch on 6 practical benefits of window shutters.


Although some shutters are immobile, most shutters are easily adjustable. This contributes to their practicality. Shutters can be used in almost any weather condition. Is the weather condition excessively windy where you live? Close your shutters to help protect your windows from receiving any damage. Is it a particularly bright and sunny day, but you just care for a bit of shade? Shutter your shutters to prevent light from entering your home.

Heat Your Home

Although it is largely recommended that you use a central heating device to heat your home during the winter months, during seasons like autumn or spring, shutters can be used to adequately control the temperature in your house. Quality shutters, when they are closed, can actually help to prevent heat from escaping your house and can also block cool air from entering. This is an inexpensive way to keep your home warm, and shutters work significantly better than blinds and drapes.

Best Of Both Worlds

Are there times during sunny days where you want to block the sun and heat, but you still want a nice sense of airflow circulating throughout your home? This can easily be accomplished with the help of shutters. Simply close the shutters to prevent heat and light from entering your home, but keep the louvres or slats of the shutters open. This will ensure that your house is shady but still receiving an ample amount of air circulating from the outside world.

Adjustable Sunlight

One of the biggest problems with blinds is that they are "all or nothing," so to speak. If you want the blinds down, they tend to have to be all the way down, likewise for their resting up position. You can raise them halfway of course, but shutters are much more dynamic.

Shutters, due to the fact that they are folding dyptichs, can be adjusted so you can receive sunlight from certain angles, creating the ability to light and heat certain areas of a specific room while keeping other areas shady and cool.


Another large problem with blinds and drapes is that they are largely disposable. Most blinds are made of plastic, and drapes are generally made out of cloth. Quality shutters are generally made out of quality timber and, as such, are made to last. While blinds and drapes tend to fall into disarray after a few years of use, shutters are made to withstand the changing seasons and a variety of weather changes.

Easily Replaced

Although shutters are built for wear and tear, there may be times where they have seen better days and are in need of a replacement. If this is the case, rest easy knowing that shutters can actually be replaced almost as easily as blinds or drapes. Shutters are easily removable with a bit of elbow grease and the help of a handy dandy screwdriver, and replacement shutters can easily be installed; almost as easily as removing them, in fact.

Shutters have use beyond their aesthetic value, and hopefully, throughout the course of this article, you've learned a bit about those uses. For more information, contact a local window treatment company like Aero Shade Co. Inc.