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Revamp Your Outdated Wooden Blinds With These Simple DIY Projects

Those wooden blinds you bought a while back were once quite the stunning finish for your windows. However, now that some years have passed, those wooden blinds you once adored are scratched, scared, and maybe even discolored. It is always a better decision to buy new wooden blinds when your others have hit an unsightly point in their existence. However, if your slim budget has you waiting for just a bit, there are a few DIY wooden blind fix-up projects that may help you out. 

Give Wooden Blinds a New Look with a Coat of Paint 

Normally, painting over wooden blinds is a really bad idea because it can actually affect their operating abilities and will probably only be a temporary fix. However, if you are planning to invest in new blinds soon enough, a quick coat of paint can save the look of your interior while you have to wait. There are a few simple steps to making the wooden blind painting project go smoothly that you should keep in mind:

  • Thoroughly clean the blinds before you start painting. This means every slat, every cord, every component must be cleaned of dust and particles. 
  • Disassemble the blinds to make painting easier. Pull off the parts that can be painted separately, whether it is the base slat or the opening attachment. 
  • Spray the blinds with spray paint instead of brushing it on. Spray enamel works well for wooden blinds and will help you achieve a more even coat. 

Add Personality to Wooden Blinds with Strips of Fabric

If you have wooden blinds that have large vertical slats, it can be easy to change the appearance of them with strips of fabric. You will need to measure an individual slat for the dimensions you need to need covered and then cut the fabric pieces to fit those measurements. Do all of the cutting first and then get ready to attach the fabric to the slats by giving the blinds a good cleaning and laying the fabric out in the order they should go on the slats. 

To complete this project, you can simply glue the fabric pieces onto each slat with a a good wood glue, fabric glue, or even adhesive double-sided tape. Just be careful to start at the top with each strip and work your way down to the base of each blind slat. Press the fabric firmly in place as you go and allow the adhesive to dry for several hours before you close up the blinds so that the slats are touching. For more information, contact companies like Spotless Shade & Blind CO.