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Prepare For An Elegant Dinner Party

If you plan on asking your significant other for their hand in marriage and would like to do so during an elegant dinner party that your family members will be present at, planning ahead and preparing a spread of food that your partner enjoys and decorating the table in an exquisite manner will help set the tone for the occasion. The suggestions that follow will help you prepare for the special occasion.

Create A Menu And Order Or Cook Food

Think about the food selections that your loved one prefers to order when the two of you eat in a public venue. Choose a main course, appetizers, and dessert from the options and create a menu by writing the selections on a piece of blank paper. Make copies of the menu so that you can give one to each of the guests who attend the dinner party. Order food items from a restaurant that provides a delivery service or prepare to cook the foods if you are confident that you can recreate your partner's favorite dishes. 

Use Glassware And Fine China To Set The Table

Purchase something like Simon Pearce glassware and fine china and set the dining room table where the dinner party is being held. Handcrafted goblets, wine glasses, and pitchers can be used for serving beverages prior to dinner. China that is a solid color will contrast with the glassware and provide the dining room table with a soft touch.

If you would like to add some decor to the table, purchase a glass vase, candle holders, and a dish-shaped centerpiece. Place fresh flowers inside of the vase and scented candles in the holders. The new investments will help make your dinner party a success and can be safely stored once the party is over so that you can use the pieces during future gatherings.

Hide The Ring In A Centerpiece

Use the centerpiece to conceal the ring that you plan on giving to your significant other after you ask them to marry you. Use artificial vines or foliage to cover the glass centerpiece. Place the ring inside of a small jewelry box before setting the box underneath some of the vines or foliage. During dinner, act casual and try to avert your eyes from the centerpiece so that your partner and other guests aren't likely to spot the ring.

After dinner has concluded, fill each person's glass with champagne. Stand up in front of everyone and state that you have a question that you would like to ask your loved one. After gaining everyone's attention, ask your partner if they would like to spend the rest of their life with you. Remove the jewelry box from the centerpiece and slip the ring on your significant other's marriage and invite everyone to join you in a toast.