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Custom Cabinetry Outdoors? How This Works

Custom cabinetry is often thought of as something you request inside your home. However, most people do not realize that you can have custom cabinets outside your home as well. This comes in the form of cabinets built into sheds, greenhouses, and garages. Here is how this type of custom cabinetry works.

Cabinets to Fit the Space

These cabinets are custom because they are made to fit the spaces you have. Greenhouses need a few cabinets of a much smaller size for storage. Garages may need a string of lower and/or upper cabinets to fit along the side wall of your garage while not hitting your car when you open them. Lots of measurements are taken to create the cabinets you need to fit the space you have.

Sturdier Wood

To build cabinets outside, you need sturdier wood. Cabinets are usually made from two kinds of wood-like material; particle board and plywood. You do not want particle board for outside cabinets, as it quickly rots and falls apart when exposed to the elements. Plywood holds up better in the outdoors because it is layered wood board products and will not disintegrate like particle board.

Pretreated Wood

Additionally, wood used to make outside cabinets should be pretreated. This is a chemical process that prevents water and humidity from entering the wood, thus preventing the wood from warping and rotting. Extra coats of stain, polyurethane, and/or paint with sealant in it goes over the top surfaces of the cabinets made from pretreated plywood.

Lots of Different Sealing Approaches

If your cabinets are actually going to be completely outdoors, say, along the outside wall of your garage, then you need different sealing approaches. The cabinet maker will discuss what these approaches are with you, and which ones he/she thinks would be best for your outdoor, constantly in the open air cabinets. The most common sealants are those used for decking, wax or polyurethane finishes, and paints that contain sealants.

Maintenance on Your Outdoor Cabinets

Regardless of where your outdoor cabinets will be installed, you will need to provide some maintenance for them. Resealing them every six months to a year is necessary to maintain the integrity of the wood. You can have the cabinet maker return to do this job, or you can ask him/her what needs to be done and how to do it. Performing the maintenance means that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor custom cabinets for many years to come.