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Ideas For Adding New Lighting To Your Home When You Renovate

Lighting is important in your home, yet it is often overlooked. Older homes weren't really designed with lighting in mind. You may rely mostly on floor lamps or a single overhead light. Today, there are many options when it comes to lighting. When you renovate your home or when you just want to make it brighter, you may want to seek the help of a lighting design service so you get the best results. Here are some ideas.

Maximum Illumination

One goal of a lighting design is to put light where it's needed most. If your home seems dreary or if you can't see as well as you could when you cook at night in the kitchen, then you need to improve illumination in your home. It all starts with ambient lighting. This is usually provided by an overhead light. This gives the room basic lighting so you can see well enough to do what you need to do. Then, task lighting is added. Task lighting focuses light in an area where you're working.

It might shine on a reading nook or over a kitchen sink or island. Task lighting provides additional illumination so you can see better when performing certain tasks and ambient lighting isn't strong enough. To get maximum illumination in your kitchen or any other room, the design plan will include layers of light so you can always add more illumination where you need it but the basic ambient light won't be so strong that it is bothersome or makes the room look stark.

Decoration And Mood

Light is important for aiding vision but it is also important in setting a mood. Dim lights create a romantic atmosphere and also provide safety by illuminating a room just enough for you to move through it without tripping. Your design plan might include dimmer switches or ornate table lamps you can use with the ambient light switched off. There are so many lighting options that lights can even be used as part of the décor. For example, hanging lights or pendant lights add beauty to a living room or kitchen.

You can install a beautiful chandelier over the dining room table or put lights that look like candles in your bedroom. A designer can help you choose lights with the best decorative appearance for each room as well as choosing the best type of bulbs. LED lights are very popular and they are quite versatile too. They even come in strips that you can adhere to your kitchen cabinets to act as task lighting or night lighting.

Highlight Features

A designer knows how to position lights so they accent the best features in your home. Sometimes you may want lighting for the dramatic effect it has rather than for the illumination it provides. This is especially true for outdoor lighting. You may want uplights to accent a beautiful portrait in your home or to showcase artwork near the entry door. Lights can be positioned to control their illumination and the shadows they cast. New home builders often use lighting architects to get the best results with a lighting design. You can get the same results by working with a lighting designer and retrofitting your home for improved illumination and added beauty.