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Add More Insulation To Your Home So Your New Furnace Works More Effectively

If you're going to invest in a new furnace to improve climate control in your home, you should check your insulation, too. If your home isn't insulated very well, you'll still have a hard time keeping warm in the winter and avoiding chilly drafts. You could start with an energy audit to see where your home is losing heat, or you could just add better insulation to your attic and walls. Here's a look at improving the insulation in your home:

Choose The Right Attic Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is the most affordable option, but it has a drawback: the insulation has a fixed size, so it isn't able to cover irregular shapes and gaps as well as other options. Blown-in insulation can fill cavities of any shape, and could be a better choice for more even coverage. Spray foam is another good type of attic insulation because it seals gaps and holes, and is able to surround vents and other obstacles to form a continuous layer of insulation no matter what shape it encounters. If you decide to go with batt insulation, be sure to manually seal gaps that the insulation doesn't cover.

Think About Wall Insulation

Adding insulation to your exterior walls doesn't have to be a disruptive process. Rather than opening the walls to put in new fiberglass batt insulation, an insulation company can blow in insulation or spray foam through a hole in the wall. Beefing up insulation on your exterior walls adds a layer of protection between you and the cold air outside, so you don't lose heat in the winter or gain heat in the summer.

Look For Other Areas To Add Insulation

Old, drafty windows could make it difficult to control the climate in your home. If you're not ready for new windows yet, then find a way to improve the insulation around your current ones. If your windows are cold to the touch or you feel cold air seeping through them, add weatherstripping or buy a window insulation kit with plastic sheeting to cover them. While it's not attractive, it could be worth it if it keeps you warmer in the winter. The window covering will be out of sight if you keep heavy drapes over the windows for further insulation.

In addition, look for other areas where cold air can leak inside, such as underneath doors, and seal these areas with appropriate materials. By having your home insulated properly, you'll see better results with your new furnace and your home will be much more comfortable all year long.