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Tips For Choosing Roller Shades For Your Bedroom

Roller window coverings are a popular product for dressing the window. They combine well with other window dressings, such as curtains and valances. What's more, they come in a variety of colors and materials. If you're looking into window treatments for your bedroom, consider starting with roller shades as the base layer.

Consider Blackout Options

Naturally, your bedroom is the place where you sleep. Sleeping is difficult when the light is streaming into your eyes — or even just illuminating the room. Indeed, sunlight is one reason roller shades are ideal for the bedroom.

Roller window coverings come in different levels of opacity. Some are designed to let natural sunlight filter into the room. Others are designed to completely block out the sun. Some considerations to keep in mind are whether you want to wake up gently to a lightening room or whether you want to be able to sleep at any time of day. Your answer will help inform your choice.

Choose a Shade Material

Roller window coverings come in different materials. The material you select affects not only the appearance and durability of your shades but also how much light they filter out. Generally, natural materials such as bamboo, cotton, and linen let light filter in. Manufactured materials such as PVC block out the sun.

When it comes to durability, natural material might fade faster than man-made ones. However, manufacturers usually make all roller shades with a coating that protects them from UV rays, which are responsible for fading. So, feel free to concentrate more on which material fits the décor style of your bedroom.

Pick from Soothing Colors

You want your bedroom to feature a soothing ambience. The color palette sets the mood in any room. The site lists several different options. Generally speaking, they feature gentle shades of blues, pinks, and grays.

So, when you're choosing a roller window covering for your bedroom, look for a soothing color. Cool hues such as blue and gray often convey that calming mood. However, if you want to keep the décor warm, look into light shades of pink.

Look into Motorized Options

Old-style roller shades feature a pull that operates the rolling mechanism. These shades are budget-friendly and easy to install. Indeed, you can install these shades yourself.

The more modern version of roller shades features motorized opening mechanisms. You can operate the opener with a remote control. Some models even afford you programming options. You can access the opener via your smartphone and set it to operate at different times of day. So, you could have the shades automatically drop in the evening and rise in the morning.

Choose beautiful and functional roller shades for your bedroom.