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Window Drape Tips For Homeowners

Your home's window drapes can be an extremely important accessory for your rooms. Without these drapes, controlling the amount of light coming into the house can be extremely difficult or almost impossible. Due to the important practical and aesthetic roles that drapes will play, a homeowner should be particularly diligent when it comes to buying and maintaining their drapes.

Be Mindful Of What Will Be Needed To Keep The Drapes Clean

One mistake that homeowners will often make when it comes to their drapes is underestimating the fact that they will be able to become extremely dirty in a fairly short period of time. This is due to the airflow coming from the windows as well as dust and other particulate matter that is in the air in the home. If you are wanting to minimize the amount of time that you will spend cleaning the window drapes, you should opt for drapes that are dark or neutral colors. Bright and white colors can appear dull with even a small amount of dust on them, but neutral colors will be able to go slightly longer between dustings before the dust becomes noticeable.  

Opt For Thermal-Resistant Drapes

The windows of the home can be a major source of unwanted heat being added to the interior of the house. While blocking out the sunlight can prevent this heat from coming into the home, these benefits will be muted if the drapes are simply absorbing the heat and radiating back into the home. If you live in an area with extremely hot weather, you may wish to opt for thermal-resistant drapes. These drapes will be made of a material that will be resistant to radiating heat back into a home. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable living space while also reducing your cooling costs during the summer.

Consider Rotating The Drapes With The Season

The drapes can start to suffer severe discoloration and fading as a result of prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of light from the sun. Having multiple sets of drapes that you can rotate with the seasons can help to extend the life of the drapes by reducing this wear. It can also allow you to give your home's interior a fresh look for each season without you having to make substantial changes to the rest of the decor. When storing your drapes, make sure that they are kept in an area that is dry and free of potential pests to avoid damaging the fabric.

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