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Recently Buy a Home? 4 Things You Need A Locksmith to Do for You

It can be a very exciting time to purchase a home and get that set of keys. However, you should only treat receiving the keys as a symbolic part of home ownership and not hold onto them for very long. You'll actually want to contact a locksmith to help with the following things after purchasing a home.

Rekey the Locks

The very first thing that you should do when you have access to your new home is to change the locks. To be quite honest, you do not know who has extra keys to your house beyond the ones you received at closing. For all you know, a neighbor still has an extra set of keys from when they watched the previous owner's cat while they are on vacation, or there is still a hidden key somewhere outside that was not retrieved. Re-keying the locks will also provide some additional convenience as well. There is no need to have individual keys for each door on your home, since a locksmith is capable of making every lock use the same key. You may love having a single key for every main entry door to keep things simple. 

Install Deadbolts

Did you notice that some of your exterior doors are lacking a deadbolt? This puts your home more at risk of a break in, since a deadbolt will add some additional security to these doors to make it harder for someone to get into your home. Adding a deadbolt is something that a locksmith can do at the same time as when they re-key your locks.

Install a Security System

Does the home you are moving into not have a security system as well? This is another task that a locksmith can help you with. They can get the entire system installed and running, which can include installing security cameras, window and door sensors, and keypads. 

Install a Safe

If you are bringing a safe from your previous home to the new one, you'll want to have it professionally installed so that it is not going anywhere. A locksmith actually has the skills to secure a safe so that it cannot be removed from your home, which gives it an added layer of security. A safe is not going to do much if someone can simply carry it away once they find it and figure out how to break into it later.

Reach out to a local locksmith to find out about more residential services that they offer. Some companies, like Bob's Lock & Key, know how important it is to have good locks on a new home.