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Which Type Of Gutter Guard Is Right For Your Home?

How many people really want to spend all their time cleaning out their gutters? Cleaning out your gutters can be a difficult activity without the proper equipment. It is important that you choose the right material for your gutter guards to ensure that you can make this task as simple as possible.

These are some of the types of gutter guards you might consider for your home.

Screen Gutter Guards

Screen gutter guards are incredibly common in areas where there are a lot of leaves. If trees with large leaves are your main problem, a screen guard is a great option. If you have problems with seeds, pine needles, and other small items, you may want to pass on to a different option. Otherwise, you may be cleaning your screens often.

These guards are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Plus, you can use them with all types of roofs, from steel to wood. Keep in mind that some of these gutter guards can be difficult to clean and may be damaged by branches and snow.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh is a great option for many people because it blocks everything from getting in the gutter. You can trust that it is a good shield for anything that might otherwise make its way into your drains to clog them.

Mesh is very high quality and easy to install. Plus, you can install mesh with many different types of roofs, meaning you are not limited simply because you have a slate roof, for instance. You can even use mesh if you have an older roof.

Surface Tension Gutter Guards

These gutter guards may be more visible than some of the other options on this list, but they are strong. They can withstand some of the damage caused by tree branches and winds. These guards can also come in different colors and can prevent a lot of the bigger items from working their way into your gutter.

The downside? Surface tension gutter guards can be much more expensive than other options. They are also more difficult to install and you may need some professional help.

Choose the Right Gutter Guard For Your Home

Gutter guards serve a crucial role in your home's upkeep, and they can also keep you from spending hours fixing parts of your roof each year. Buying the right gutter guard is an important part of ensuring your home is in great shape.