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Three Reasons To Choose Mulch Over Rocks

When you want to place mulch in a specific area of your yard, you'll want to visit a local garden center to assess your options. Generally, you'll find a few types of mulch that are available, but other products such as decorative rocks may also catch your eye. There are some advantages to using a product such as rocks, but you may find that there are more good reasons to opt for a mulch product such as wood chips. If you wish to buy this type of product, you can even choose the color that will best suit your yard. Here are some reasons that mulch is a better choice than rocks.

It Provides Nutrients

Many homeowners favor mulch because the wood provides nutrients for the soil beneath it. Whether you buy hardwood or softwood mulch, you can count on the wood being full of various nutrients that will enrich your soil. These types of mulch break down over the years; you can ask a salesperson at the garden center how long each product will last before this occurs. As it breaks down, the release of the wood's nutrients into the soil can help you to have healthier soil for growing flowers, vegetables, and more. This is a benefit that rocks don't provide.

It Won't Damage Your Lawnmower

A big advantage of ground covers such as rocks is that this product won't break down over time. However, there are some challenges that you'll face. One issue to think about is how rocks can damage your lawnmower when you run over them — namely, in the form of dulling the blade. It's easy to inadvertently run over a ground cover with your lawnmower in certain areas. For example, if you're placing rocks around the base of a few trees, you might hit them when you cut your grass. Wood mulch is ideal because it's soft enough that it won't damage your mower's blade if you make accidental contact with it.

It's Better For More Areas

You'll probably find that wood mulch is a better fit for more areas of your yard. While rocks can work well in certain locations, this product can look awkward in others. For example, rocks around the base of a tree can look good, but won't work well under a children's play area because they're too rough. Conversely, wood chips will work well in each of these settings, making this choice more versatile for your yard. Visit a garden center to look at its selection of mulch.