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Reasons To Choose A Custom Window Treatment For Each Room

When it comes to home design and decorating, one thing that really stands out with overall aesthetics is window treatments. Window treatments not only make an impression on the interior of the home, but the exterior as well. While homeowners strive for something pleasing to the eye that blends well with home decor, there are other reasons to choose specific types of window treatments. Check them out by reading below. 

Windows with Unique Shapes

If you have windows that are large or have a non-traditional shape to them, it's challenging to find window coverings that fit properly. Contacting someone who specializes in window treatments or interior design is your first step in getting a custom-made piece that will add the wow factor to your space. This could include:

  • Half-moon
  • Bay 
  • Glass block
  • Round or octagon
  • Multi-panel
  • Sliding glass or French door
  • Garden
  • Skylight

Any window that is custom-designed or largely shaped can also be a challenge to find the right window treatment for. A qualified designer can measure and go over your options to find the perfect look and fit. 

Light Filtering

Do your existing blinds blackout your room, even when they're open? This can be a discouraging design flaw, especially if you love having the light flow in. Selecting the right kind of curtain or shade that allows the light to filter through can brighten up the room while providing a layer of privacy, too. Having a soft glow in the room is perfect for the family or dining room. It creates a subtle ambiance, allowing natural light to accent the interior.

Energy Efficiency

One reason to choose a custom window treatment is for energy efficiency. Between 10 to 25% of thermal energy loss comes from drafty windows. Blackout curtains act as an insulator against outside elements. Even though you may have an insulated space and high-efficiency HVAC unit, adding insulated curtains to a room in the winter can add warmth by keeping drafty, cold air out. Same for the summer months. When the air conditioner is running, blackout curtains trap the cool air inside.  

Fresh New Look

The best reason to choose a custom window look for your home is for a fresh, new change. Color, fabric, and type are important factors that go into the final product. From a trendy farmhouse design to a sleek, modern look, a gorgeous window option awaits. Here are some types to choose from:

  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Valances
  • Cornices

From there, you will need to select fabrics, material types, and coordinating colors. Once a plan is in place, it will be easy to match up the latest designs with the room of your dreams! 

Because each room is different, there may be different design challenges. Taking the time to talk with a pro regarding window treatments will ensure the best results. Whether it's all wooden blinds or a mix and match solution, whatever you decide will make the room come to life! Contact a window treatment service, such as Thundersley Interiors, to learn more.