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What to Expect When Trees Are Removed and/or Transferred to a New Location

If you intend on placing a structure, swimming pool, or another amenity upon your property, you need to have trees removed if they are growing where this new feature is planned. If you have a small tree that you want to keep, transplanting it to another area of your property is an option. Here is what to expect when a residential tree service comes to your home to remove existing trees and how to go about with the transplanting of a particular tree. 

Find Out If the Service Conducts Transplants

Not all tree services will transplant trees for you. Many of them use heavy equipment to chop down existing trees and cut them into logs to make it easier to transport them away from your property. Contact the tree service you intend on hiring to inquire about this feature and make plans for a transferral via a landscaping service or even yourself, if necessary. If the tree service does not transplant trees, the tree you wish to have moved will need to be taken from the ground and resituated before the residential tree removal service arrives. Take this into consideration when scheduling service.

The Transplant Needs to Be Conducted First

Before trees can be removed from a plot of land, trees that you want to be moved need to be transplanted. To transplant a tree, a hole needs to be dug in an area where similar soil to the tree's current location. The hole is filled with water so the ground is saturated, allowing the tree's roots to have immediate water after it is positioned inside of the void. The dirt is then placed around the bottom of the tree's stump to secure the plant into place.

The Service Will Safely Remove Trees for You

After you have moved the tree you want to be transplanted, the rest of the trees in the area need to be cleared are cut down using high-powered saws and cutting equipment. The service cutting these trees will first assess the surroundings to determine which direction the trees need to fall so they do not cause damage to property, personal effects, people, or pets. The service will use ropes around the trees to help in encouraging them to fall in the right direction. After the trees are cut and resting upon the ground, the service cuts them into smaller pieces so they are moved away from your property if you do not wish for them to remain.

Call a residential tree service to learn more about tree removal.