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Seeing A Lot Of Mice In Your Home? Tips To Remove Them

Mice can be frustrating as they are small enough to get into many things. This may be pet food bags, inside cabinets, and even inside drawers. Once they get into what they want, they eat the food. They will also chew their way through a pet food bag or cardboard containers to access food. These mice also urinate and put droppings everywhere, which is unsanitary. To help you, below are tips on getting rid of these rodents. 

Use Mouse Traps

If you have only seen one or a couple of mice, you can likely take care of the problem yourself. It is important that you do so quickly, as these mice can get out of control before you know it. 

The best way to remove mice is by purchasing mouse traps. You can purchase these at a home improvement store. There are different types available. The least expensive traps are snap traps. These work well but may not always snap the mouse's neck properly, so the mouse will not die. Some mice are smart enough to get onto the trap and get the bait without it snapping. If you use these traps, check them every day and remove dead mice as you see them.

There are electronic mouse traps that work well. These are more expensive but work better than snap traps. A bait is placed inside the trap. When the mouse enters the trap to get the bait, they get an electric jolt that is strong enough to kill the mouse. 

If you do not want to kill the mice, there are catch-and-release traps that you can purchase. If you choose this, make sure you take the live mice far away from your home so they do not come back to your house or someone else's house. 

Hire a Mice Pest Control Company

If you continue to see mice in your home, you likely have more than you think you do. At this point, it is best to hire a pest control company that removes mice. They will first determine how the mice are getting inside your home and close these entry areas up. This will prevent future mice from getting in. 

The pest control company will likely set up its own traps. They will know where to set them up to kill the most mice. They can also put poison in the crawlspace and/or in the attic.  This poison generally comes in blocks that taste good to mice. This will kill mice before they have time to get further into your home.

For more information about mice control, contact a local company.