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Why Retractable Awnings Are A Useful Addition For Your Patio And Home

If you'd like to spend more time on your patio in the summer, but the sun drives you back indoors, the solution is to get an awning. A retractable awning is an excellent choice since it can be opened and closed so you can enjoy the sun when you want to and shade when you prefer it. Here are important details to know about them.

They're Easy To Operate 

Some awnings are opened and closed with a hand crank. However, you can also find awnings that are motorized. This makes them simple to operate by using a remote control. If you have difficulty using your hands due to arthritis or weakness, you'll still be able to open the awning whenever you want to.

Some retractable awnings are automatic. They'll open when they detect the sun and close if the wind picks up so you never have to worry about hurrying home to close your awning when a storm approaches.

Retractable Awnings Help Regulate Temperature

An awning that casts shade on your patio keeps the concrete cooler and makes your patio more comfortable to use when it's hot outside. The awning can even help control the heat inside your house by casting shade on your patio doors and windows.

The awning could keep your home cooler in the summer. When winter comes around, you can leave the awning closed so the sun heats up your patio to keep you warm and shines through your patio doors to heat your home with solar warming.

Retractable Awnings Are Attractive

These awnings come in different styles and colors, so they are attractive when open and hidden from view when closed. An awning could add visual appeal and glamour to your patio and backyard. When you're tired of looking at it, you can retract it and enjoy a wide-open view from your lounge chair.

An Awning Lets You Enjoy The Rain

If you like to listen to and watch the rain, but you don't like to get wet, you would enjoy sitting under an awning during a gentle rain. The sound might make napping more enjoyable, yet you'll stay nice and dry. You probably wouldn't want to sit outside during a storm, but you could continue to eat outside and lounge even when it's raining when you have an awning.

You Can Roll The Awning Back So It Lasts Longer

A nice benefit of a retractable awning is that it can be closed to prolong its life. If you go for long periods without using your patio, you might want to keep the awning rolled up to protect it from the sun. If you're taking a vacation, you can roll the awning up so you don't have to worry about a storm damaging it while you're gone.

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